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Contact Name: Snorie Outhouse-Screamer (Dominic Gullo)

Contact Email:

Region: NJ/Eastern Pennsylvania Regions

Clan Clonakility

Contact Name: Joan Karasinsksi

Contact Email:

Region: New Jersey

Companions of

the Cross

Contact Name: Eric Dennis

Contact Phone: 302 - 325 - 1327

Region: Maryland

Head Clan

Contact Name: Sir Gunther Neiman
(David Lindsey)

Contact Email:


Region: Eastern Pennsylvania

House Blackmoon

Contact Name: Justin Briley

Contact Email:

Region: DC Metro Area and Baltimore

Maryland Medieval Mercenary Militia

Contact Name: David Perry

Contact Email:

Region: Maryland, Delaware, PA, NJ

Order of the Lost Boys

Contact Name: Sir Kelsrik Johannssen,

Jarl of Markland (Christopher Andrews

Contact Email:

Cell 732-664-0408
Home 732-361-0965

Region: New Jersey/Delaware/Maryland


Contact Name: Drakon/Andrew

Contact Email:

Region: Pennsylvania

House Dragonblood

Contact Name: Kelly MacKinnon

Contact Email:

Region: Central New Jersey

House Blackrill

Contact Name: Sir Kenneth of Brunswick
(Todd Minetti)

Contact Email:

Region: Central and South New Jersey



Contact Name: John Smith

Contact Email:

Region: Eastern Pennsylvania


Von Draken

Contact Name: Bruce Blackistone

Contact Email:

Region: Maryland

Longship Company

Contact Name: Dennis Jewell

Contact Email:

Region: Delaware


Contact Name: Deb Hartmann-Healey

Contact Email:

Region:  Eastern Pennsylvania

Pirates of the

Lost Cause

Contact Name: Scarlet Cross

Contact Email:

Region: Rutgers University - New Brunswick

Scarlet Cross

vector logo.png

Contact Name: Sandra Dingfeld

Contact Email:


Terminus Est

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Markland Medieval Mercenary Militia

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Greenbelt, MD 20768

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