This is a map of Markland created by one of the Old Ones Aldred. Aldred, if you see this stop in and say hi! This was done under the Reign of King Boden. All hail the old kings! Swineson was kind enough to use his runic skills to translate the edge runes for us and send it all in. Thanks Swineson!

Markland - Boden deawn by Fred Pollnity 1986

    To renown I see not the man his shield bearing, there foes hearing, I call you down fearless
    Hearted full many were, we to kill them now, now hater of Byrnies
    Then Sewen brothers, but the fair go forth to attack, for the Swedes are here of soldiers hawe
    They every your foes counting as I prescribe it, they sailed there
    Aldred drew this map and then