The Pox, Nov. 1999, Vol. 28 No. 11

John Smith, Kyrin

Greetings cousins,

Well as the time has past, and hopefully all of the F.O.P. (Feast of Plenty) leftovers have been scarfed down, one question I get is "How do you put on a feast like that and not go broke?"

Well truth is: first year I did go broke! But three years later my reputation seems to have solidified. Whereas my first F.O.P. had about 45 people, this years has 70 pre-registrations alone. While typing, the feast is 1 week away so I hope for 80 pre-reg! As for last year's count, in the end were 145, so hope for better this year (LOL)

Now the key to my success is my "PA-German" ancestry (IE: cheap bastard). So not only do I compare everything's prices I also have the ability to buy foods all year-round and store them in one of my parents many (6) freezers or refrigerators. I also attend commercial food shows and with forethought, order months in advance for the best prices. Also knowing every food-broker in Eastern PA helps too! Knowing how and where to search out a bargain is key. As an example: cabbage is now running 29-59 cents per pound. Figure a 5lb head at 30 cents and you get $1.50. No biggie. But multiply that by 20 heads, still not a lot, but enough. Now in Lancaster, I get a 5lb head of cabbage for just $1.00. That's a major difference now. So a little extra searching pays off. And remembering the who/what/where of these things as for future use helps the most! These may sound tedious but a table as I set at the F.O.P. really hits a spot watching everybody enjoy themselves! So until next time when I'll bring you a venison mincemeat recipe that creates a great plum pudding start... Got a question, comment, idea, drop me a line at

In Our Service... Kyrin