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Summer allthing
Summer Allthing will be held this year again in July Saturday, July 18 at 12:00pm - 4:00pm 101 Governor's Place Bear, DE 19701 It's time to elect our members of the Witan again. Come on out and vote and go over any business that Markland needs to address. The current Bocman and Plague Editor will be stepping down, so we need to find replacements. Remember that in order to vote you must be a markland member. You can register for membership at the event.
Posted on 07 Jun 2015 by Andrew K.
Crown war changes
Hello everyone, Crazy turn of events regarding crown. The original challenger withdrew his challenge for a myriad of reasons that we are not going to report on. Instead of canceling the event though King spot head has come to an agreement with a New challenger. That challenger is Mad Dog the Pirate (affectionately known as Cliffy). A statement from the challenger issuing his challenge and a call to arms.

Members of Markland I call upon you to once again fight at by my side as I try to take the crown from our king, and bring peace, and love to our realm. I am but a simple pirate who does not have the means to pay for this army. I can offer this though: All who fight at my side will have my gratitude, and thanks. I also offer immunity from the cnld (or if you want i can give you a cnld).

*(I do understand that spot head has hired an army already and I’m not asking you to break your word to him) But to those now free agents I issue you a call to arms under the Jolly Roger. Will Ye serve?

Crown war will Still continue at pages farm in Maryland this weekend.

Posted on 30 Apr 2015 by Andrew K.
Markland and MTA
Every year while not an official Markland event a small contingent of Marklanders attend Military through the Ages or MTA for short. This event extends attendees knowledge of history and also teaches how to create historically accurate encampments. If you are interested in attending your contact would be Lothar. Here is the official page for MTA and the encampment that Marklanders attend. Scara Karoli, the Frankish living history camp, will be appearing at Military Through the Ages on March 21-22, 2015. MTA is a multi-period living history timeline featuring groups representing periods from the Roman Empire to the Vietnam War which is held annually at the Jamestown Settlement in Jamestown, VA. This is the sixth year that Scara Karoli will be participating in the event. Scara Karoli features members from multiple Markland households, as well as other members from other organizations and independent reenactors. Military Through the Ages at Jamestown Settlement .
Posted on 08 Feb 2015 by Andrew K.
Annual (not so cold) war
A classic event that starts off the year of Frat events.  This year the cold war has heated up as it is now taking place in May.  Please check the events calender for more information.  Always fun and always one of the most looked forward to events of the year.  Added to the usual events this year is the throwing range from House Black Moon and of course what is a Pirate event without a Treasure Hunt!
Posted on 22 Mar 2014 by Andrew K.
Crown war Results
Crown war has finished.  While both sides fought valiantly for their side.  Only one army could come out on top. That army was the army of Spothead.  With that and his crowning as king of Markland another year of crown battles has finished.  All hail King Spothead of Markland!

Posted on 07 May 2013 by Andrew K.
Crown War

Crown War

Location: Page's farm
Time May 3rd 3pm to May 5th at 12 PM
Its the annual crown war! come and fight for your chosen side as the battle for the Title King of Markland is on the line.
Contact:  King Angus O'Kelly
Cost: $7 for event
Address of page's farm:
1623 Jacob Tome Highway Port Deposit, MD 21904
Posted on 23 Apr 2013 by Andrew K.

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