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About Markland


Wes Tu Hal! Welcome to Markland!


The old English greeting, "Wes Tu Hal!" literally translates to the modern English, "How do you hail?" The question was a typical greeting in Saxon England.  


Markland is a non-profit historical educational organization, incorporated in Maryland and operating mostly from the Virginias through the New York City area. Members re-enact medieval life by constructing and using reproductions of the period's accouterments, and have a lot of fun educating the public (and each other) with what they have learned in the process. Feel free to browse around, and please consider visiting us at one of our events! Be careful, though: You might just learn some medieval history while you're there!

What We Do

Our Mission

Medieval Combat


One of Markland's most popular and visible activities is combat, which takes on two forms: Re-creation or "rec" ("Fake fighting with real weapons"), and Fratricidal or "frat" ("Real fighting with fake weapons").


Rec Fighting 

REC is Recreational Fighting that is staged fighting using historically accurate garb, armor, and weapons focusing around the Battle is Hastings of 1066.

Frat Fighting 

FRAT is Fraticidal Fighting that is a martial, skill based activity using an assortment of

differenttypes of armor and padded weaponry.

Medieval Arts and Sciences


Markland's living history displays are an important part of our educational status and a great source of fun. Some have their own activity to display and share, such as spinning wool into thread, metalworking, or embossing a design into leather armor. At events where Markland is just one of several organizations involved, you might need to be a member of a participating group in order to take part. There may also be garb (historical clothing) requirements for an event.  Visit our Facebook page for upcoming events.



Feast are non-public events, meaning that there is no audience. They are for food and fun! Sometimes there will be a theme which attendees are encouraged to follow. Feasts may be fully provided, meaning your ticket gets you a complete meal; or partly provided, meaning only certain items are provided and you must bring anything else that you want.  In any case, you'll need your own dishes and utensils, and most people also bring candles, tablecloths, etc. There may also be live music, dancing, and more.

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