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If any of these guilds catch your interest, please feel free to reach out to the representative for it below through our Facebook Group or their contact information below!

Arts and Sciences (A&S) Guild

Focuses on the art and handcrafts of the Medieval Era!

Interested in weaving, sewing, painting, cooking, and more?

Reach out to: Lisen Minetti


Bow & Arrow



If you would like to learn how to fire a bow and arrow, maintain an archery range at an event and more, reach out to:
Jillian Cloud (

or John Blevins (

Sheet Music



Want to learn more about medieval songs, music, instruments and stories told around the campfire?

Reach out to:

Justin Briley (

Kids Drawing



A place for the children of the organization to get in on the fun! This guild is a place for the children to learn a historical craft, as well as more about the Medieval Era! If you're interested in contributing, or would like to bring your child along to an event, please reach out to




Our reeves ensure that our re-enactment battles are conducted safely for both the fighters and spectators!

If you would like to become a Head Reeve/Reeve, or learn more about what they do, reach out to:

Justin Briley ( or

Joe Lightman


Thrown Weapons Guild

The Thrown Weapons Guild is responsible for setting up an axe/knife throwing range at our events! Want to learn how to set up a range for your event? Simply want to learn to throw? Reach out to:

David Lindsay

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