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Fri, May 12


Nottingham Site

War of the Mark

A Markland-wide (not run by an individual group) event that serves as a fundraiser for the organization as a whole and also as a "training event".

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War of the Mark
War of the Mark

Time & Location

May 12, 2023, 3:00 PM – May 14, 2023, 10:00 AM

Nottingham Site, 230 Brown Rd, Nottingham, PA 19362, USA

About the Event

There  is too much space between D&T War and RivenWar so I am going to try  something different and please I am going to need HELP so please reach out to me if you are willing and able. It will be at Nottingham and will  Utilize our base cost of $10 (again details to follow).

This  is going to be a Markland-wide (not run by an individual group) event  that serves as a fundraiser for us as a whole and also as a "training  event".

I am  going to donate all proceeds to the Markland General Fund to be used  and available for all Markland as we see fit.  In addition, I am going  to ask for support from Thrown Weapons and Archery Guilds.  I plan to  donate a portion to those guilds to help compensate them for supplies  such as Throwing Axe Handles or a Second Target or Arrows for Archery  Guild.

I am going to use this as a "learning" event in the following ways: - Help teach individuals or groups about running an event and what is needed. - Help organize hands-on individualized Frat training (in addition to regular group scenarions for fun) -  Utilize time of the Thrown Weapons and Archery Ranges for folks to  actually practice and learn and get tips from "the pros" so to speak -  Targeted A&S for things folks are asking to see (possibly helping  individuals hook up with more expect hobbiests on specific tasks to  learn long term - I will reach out to the Gamers Guild about time and possibly doing some games on Friday evening -  Is there something you would like to see an a Markland Event that we  haven't done (or haven't done in a while)? please reach out we can try  running a test of it here.

I  am trying to offer us a chance to come together, without needing to  worry about an individual group risking funds or time and help combat  the "cellular" nature of how organization is set up.

Now  no date is perfect I know. This weekend date offers us the greatest  chance to get a larger turnout with the lowest risk to Markland.  It is  also prior to NJ Renn opening weekend so if you have plans to attend  that this will not interfere!

Come help celebrate Markand being Markland!

More  specific to follow and please this is your chance to help! RivenWar is a  month after this and many in my group will be prepping for that so  please consider donating some time and effort to help out, contribute,  and have some fun! - Todd

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